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We love scooters, motorcycles and the freedom with which you can move around the city and also explore new places, which claim that they are not just realy touristic. Our company has long experience of Europe, strongly enforced here in Brazil. We provide a great opportunity for all of us to get to know the city of Rio de Janeiro a little different, with a guarantee like to always obtain a proper adventure.

Rent a Scooter

If you plan to rent a Scooter in Rio de Janeiro, our 110cc automatic Honda Lead are the ideal mean of transport to discover the city for two people. A known shortcoming while visiting Rio de Janeiro is the lack of free parking space. Pricy parking lots by the beach, pay-and-display in downtown, … with a Honda Lead you will never waste your time searching for a parking lot, you won´t even pay for it. We recommend to book online in advance, you can pay with debit/credit card or through bank transfer.


Rent a Scooter BTR offers you a service rentals as well as custom and private tours of Rio de Janeiro by Rio Adventure Tour. Immerse you and your family, friends or group into the core of Rio de Janeiro and follow your guide to take your mind and heart to places of historical, cultural and artistic interest to ensure that your stay is a most exciting and memorable one. We are visiting natural parks, monuments and attractions and a favela (Rocinha, Vidigal, Santa Marta, Babilonia and others)


To book your Scooter, you just need to fill out the booking form below and to pay the 35€ booking fee by Paypal or credit card. It will secure your Scooter experience starting from your hotel in Rio de Janeiro :-) We advice you to book in advance. For a last minute reservation, thank you to contact us before booking to check our availability.


Whatever you choose: a BTR scooter rental in Rio de Janeiro or a tour, in any case, to drive a 110cc scooter in Brasil, the driver must be at least 18 years old and and in possession of a current motorcycle driving licence.
1) valid passport or IC
2) driving Licence ( group A, motorcycles )
3) credit card
All informations concerning models and prices of scooter rentals are HERE.
Before booking your tour or vintage BTR rental in Rio de Janeiro, choose your helmet size.

To find your helmet size, measure the circumference of your head just above your ears and refer to the chart above to determine the correct size of helmet.
Because safety is not just a slogan, we choose to ALWAYS run our BTR tours with people who know each others. This way, our private BTR tours can guaranty the maximum safety. Moreover we can also personalize our tours and respond to everyone’s particular expectations. (for example, you can stop where and when you wish…and visit inside a favela Rocinha!)
Your safety is our priority. All our BTR scooter are insured. Though we don’t give driving lessons, we will advise you on adopting the attitude of a good Parisian driver. Thousands of two-wheelers circulate the streets of Rio de Janeiro every day. Our objective is to help you navigate with ease so that you can enjoy the charms of the Rio de Janeiro.
If you select one of our Tours, we suggest you keep the scooter until the following day. Then you’ll be able to explore Rio de Janeiro on your own, by night if you wish. In this case, the cost of a BTR rental for a day is 115BRL instead of 135BRL. You’ll keep the vespa for 24 hours, after your Tour. In any case, the vehicle rental is 24 hours.
No shop front but our BTR rental delivery service is open 7 day a week including on Sunday. We’ll deliver your scooter to your hotel anywhere in Rio de Janeiro! If you are outside „Zona Sul or Barra da Tijuca“ in Rio de Janeiro a small extra is charged for the inconvenience of transport.
When you book your tour of Rio de Janeiro or your scooter rental in Rio de Janeiro, a deposit of 135BRL is required by credit card via a secure connection system (PayPal). The day of the rental/tour, you’ll be able to pay the rest of fees by cash or credit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard.
Yes! Let us know your wish by e-mail. Make your trip to Rio de Janeiro a memorable event is our goal. Even if we can’t realize all your wish, our knowledge of the city and network of contacts enable us to offer a customized service for last minute, easy access to special event reservations, sometimes even when they are sold out.
We have a variety of customers over the seasons: friends, couples or even families (passengers must be at least 12 years old) who do not want to travel on a traditional large tour but who can use the help of a professional guide, especially after arrival in Rio de Janeiro; people in a hurry who stay in Rio de Janeiro just a couple of days before or after a convention and who want to maximize their time with a professional guide; travelers who want to benefit from our expertise and our knowledge of the city to capture Rio de Janeiro in broad perspective and then decide which district they find most appealing and want to see in more depth; well-experienced tourists who want to rent a scooter in Rio de Janeiro for a few days because they know it’s convenient and more fun to move by scooter than with any other transportation!

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WhatsApp: (+55) 21 97977 0112
E-mail: booking@rentscooter.com